Floating Docks

How do you know if you need a Floating dock?

Do you have water depths that are greater than 9 feet?

Free-standing docks can get unstable in deeper water, while a floating system maintains its stability.

Do you have significant fluctuation in water depth?

A floating dock will adjust on its own as water levels raise and lower.

Do you have an very mucky lake bottom?

A floating dock may be the best answer for a mucky or soft lake bottom. Floating docks do not use the lake bottom for support.

NOT suitable for applications with intense waves, or choppy waterfloating dockDesign in the photo includes the shore end ramp

Starr Floating Dock Benefits

  • Adjusts to fluctuating water conditions
  • Modular design
  • Easy to install
  • Many accessories to customize your dock
  • Add-on capability
  • Salt water safe
  • 15-year product warranty
floating dockDesign in the photo includes the shore end ramp

Float Features

One Key feature of Starr floating docks is their foam filled float. Unlike plastic or vinyl dock systems that can fill up with water if they get a crack or hole. Our foam filled floats will not sink if punctured.

  • Made stronger with heavy/mtg flanges 1 ¼” to 1 ¾” thick, and structural ribs on the top, botto, and side
  • Prevents heat build up with a threaded vent plug
  • Water tight with molded mounting slots 9/16”
    wide x 11/2” long
  • EPS foam filled, meeting the “Hunt” test
  • RotoMoulded encasement for one piece construction,
    meets falling dart puncture test
  • Salt water safe
  • 150 wall morminal thickness

Choose the Powder Coated Finish to match your style!

Starr Docks offers 3 different finish options for our Powder Coated Aluminum dock systems to suit a variety of styles for your waterfront. Our standard Grey Powder Coated Finish is our most popular finish style, which adds a sleak and modern style to your shoreline that you will love!

For those that want the nostalgic look of cedar decking without the maintenance, our Cedar Breeze Powder Coated Finish is the dock for you! Constructed of inter-locking aluminum planks, supported with aluminum center supports and side supports topped with a powder coated finish. This dock may look like wood, but will stay cooler than your traditional cedar dock.

Starr’s Sand Beige Powder Coated Finish offers a more natural finish style than our traditional Grey finish. These docks include side stringers decorated in our Cedar Breeze Powder Coated Finish to add a bit of additional style and color contrast to your dock system.

Floating dock sections available in 4’x8’, 4’x12’, and 4’x16 in your choice of anodized aluminum, gray powder coat, cedar breeze powder coat, sand beige powder coat, tan sunwalk, and gray sunwalk.

Decking is also available in our interlocking design! A must for handicaped applications, ADA compliant, and a great choice for anywhere you would want to roll something across! Made with our “kool dock” material, powder coated aluminum that stays cool in the sun.

Available in grey or knotty pine

Will not get hot in the sun!


Shore end ramp

Looking for a more effective and appealing way to access your dock? The starr shore end ramp is the easiest and most customizable way to approach your dock. Whether you are stepping up or down onto your deck our shore end ramp gives you a customizable way to connect your shoreline and dock at any height. Our low profile design offers a safe and stable way to step on to your dock and close any possible gaps in your personal design.

Available in 4’x6’,or 4’x12’

Your choice of decking


Corner wedge

Looking to maximize your space on the water? The Starr corner wedge is the perfect solution to do that in an eye pleasing and cost effective manner. Our corner wedge allows you to keep a slim profile while adding extra functional space to your dock. Whether you're looking for more room to entertain or some extra seating space the corner wedge is the perfect addition to your new or existing dock.

Corner wedge available in all decking colors in 4’ or 6’.


Sundeck sections

Looking to add more space to your deck to enjoy your waterfront? Starr sundecks are a wonderful way to add extra space to your own system. Whether you're looking for more room to entertain or relax, our sundecks are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add more space to enjoy your waterfront.
Sundeck section available in all decking colors and 6’x8’,8’x8’, 8’x12’, and 8’x16’ sections.



Hinge connector

Our hinge connects are made to help relieve any additional stress put on your floating dock caused by wave motion.

Available in 4’ or 6’

hinge Connector


Starr heavy duty post/ auger bumper

Available in 36” with white cushion

Starr floating bumper

Available in white 36’ and 48’.

stationary dock

Starr HD deluxe adjustable side mount floating bumper

HEAVY DUTY! Built with a slide track for infinite adjustment to be at the perfect height to match up with the rub rail of your boat.

Available in grey or tan 36” and 48”.

stationary dock

Starr round floating bumper

Offers a more nautical, classy look .

Available in white or tan 36”.

stationary dock

Seating and entertainment

Swivel chair

Relax in comfort and style in our swiveling dock chairs.Our swivel chairs are perfect for relaxing, fishing, or entertaining while taking up minimal space on your dock. This seating option can be mounted practically anywhere on your truss dock system for a unique and customizable addition to your space.

pro link

Starr table mount with umbrella holder

Add some extra seating and entertainment space to your dock with our table mount with umbrella holder.

aluminium post

Storage options

Single kayak/ SUP rack

Store your kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board close with our durable dock mounted kayak rack. Mount it anywhere you choose on your truss dock system without taking up any unnecessary space on your dock.

Must specify dock type.

pro link

Double kayak/ SUP rack

With our double kayak rack you can store 2 kayaks, canoes, or stand up paddle boards without the need for additional brackets installed on your dock system. Mounts anywhere on your truss dock system taking up minimal space to maximize your space.

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Multi-color solar dock lights 2 pack

Our most popular way to illuminate your dock system. These solar powered lights can be mounted virtually anywhere on your dock to give your waterfront dynamic lighting. These lights can be changed to any of the 6 pre-installed LED light colors at any time adding a beautiful, custom look to any dock system.

pro link

20’ flag pole

Show off the stars and stripes, or any flag of your choice with our high quality aluminum flag pole. Brackets sold separately to mount anywhere on your truss dock.

Single Kayak Rack

Aluminum ladder

Our side mount aluminum ladders are available in 3, 4, or 5 steps and can be mounted virtually anywhere you desire on your floating dock.

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Bill finally followed thru with his promise and provided all that is need to complete our transaction. I want to personally thank him for following thru..

Dave D.

Dock and Hoist Services helped a good friend of mine with their dock installation, as well as recommended a hoist and put that in as well. They couldn't be happier! The crew was polite, did their job swiftly and accurately, and left the beach area clean. Dock and Hoist Services will be highly recommended to all of our East Bay friends!! Thank you!!

Leslie Krukowski
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