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Bill finally followed thru with his promise and provided all that is need to complete our transaction. I want to personally thank him for following thru..

Dave D.

Dock and Hoist Services helped a good friend of mine with their dock installation, as well as recommended a hoist and put that in as well. They couldn't be happier! The crew was polite, did their job swiftly and accurately, and left the beach area clean. Dock and Hoist Services will be highly recommended to all of our East Bay friends!! Thank you!!

Leslie Krukowski
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Top 3 Best Types of Docks You Must Consider for Your Project

Building a small boat dock or a large commercial structure, a quality dock design is essential to the success of your project. There are many types of docks but here we have compiled the top 3 best types of docks: Aluminum dock, Roll-in dock, and Floating dock. Docks are basically the storage units for boats or yachts. They are designed in such a way that they can be used as a storage area and also for fishing, boating, etc... Read More
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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Platinum Dock For Your Boat

Docks are an essential part of any boat owner’s life. They make it easier for you to keep your boat in good working order, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or time to take care of it yourself. You want a dock that’s built to last -You want a dock that won’t rust or rot -You want a dock with an anti-skid surface. ... Read More
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How to Choose Roll-in Docks: A blog that provides a list of things to consider when purchasing roll-in docks

The dock is an item that many people use often. From the dock at the lake to the one in your own backyard, the dock helps you to tote your boat around while still keeping it safe and secure. Roll-in docks are a relatively new innovation in dock design. They allow the user to more easily park a boat at the dock and are there when needed. This creates less maintenance issues, more convenience and a more secure dock.... Read More
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Starr PWC / Jet Ski Lifts

Watercraft hulls are usually stored in water and so boat lifts can easily undergo procedural wear and tear and delamination marks. But thanks to the Star PWC/Jet Ski Lifts which prevents your craft from intake fouling and make it easier to maintain. Star PWC/Jet Ski lifts are an excellent solution to ensure that your boat is easily accessible withstanding outside elements.In addition, Starr PWC/ Jet Ski Lift is the magic bullet for loading and unloading your jet ski with ease. ... Read More
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Stationary Docks: The Better Alternative to Floating Docks

When it comes to choosing a dock, there are several options available. In concrete, floating and stationary docks can be found. However, if you’re looking for something that is both sturdy and mobile with minimal maintenance requirements, then a stationary dock may be the best option for your needs. Stationary docks are a far better option than floating docks. For one thing, they’re much more stable. Floating docks can shift with the waves and tides, which can be dangerous for boats that are tied up to them. Stationary docks don’t shift at all—they stay firmly in place no matter what kind of weather comes by.... Read More
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Things to consider before choosing Sled shed Trailers

Before you purchase a sled trailer, there are a few things you should take into consideration. First, think about the size of trailer you need. Do you want a small trailer to fit one or two sleds, or a larger model that can accommodate more? Next, consider what type of features you need. Some trailers have built-in heaters to keep your sleds warm, while others have storage compartments for gear. In addition, decide what size and style of trailer you need. There are many different sizes and styles of sled trailers on the market, so it is important to choose one that will fit your needs. ... Read More
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Starr Docks & Lifts / Pro Starr Trailers provides help to the disabled by specializing in custom designed wheelchair ramps, stairs, steps and platforms. We offer permanent and seasonal systems for both commercial and residential applications.

Starr Docks & Lifts / Pro Starr Trailers is based on the principles of quality, customer satisfaction, honesty, and integrity. It is our mission to not only determine what your needs are, but to do everything we can to meet or exceed those needs. Our team based approach allows us to continuously improve our services while working toward the goal of being known as the most professional, dependable, and efficient supplier in the industry.

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